Our Culture of Relationships and Caring

Caring is at the heart of what we do every day – caring for patients and families, for self, for others and the community. We share a deep commitment of time, passion, education and understanding and believe it is the best way to provide care.

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Nursing at LRH

The nursing team at Lakeland Regional Health has adopted Dr. Joanne Duffy’s Quality-Caring Model© as our professional practice model.

By following Dr. Duffy’s eight caring factors of mutual problem solving, healing environment, attentive reassurance, human respect, encouraging manner, appreciation of unique meaning, affiliation needs and basic human needs, our team is able to provide exceptional, individualized care to our patients, families and staff.

Nursing Philosophy

Our nursing team is dedicated to developing caring relationships that provide intentional, holistic care to achieve and sustain quality patient-centered outcomes and exceed patient, family and community expectations.

Nursing Vision

Quality. Caring. Excellence.

Nursing Shared Governance

Lakeland Regional Health’s Nursing Shared Governance provides a framework for achieving excellence in nursing practice with multiple opportunities to impact how we define, create and evaluate the professional nursing practice at our hospital. Our councils consist of direct care nurses who are dedicated to bringing evidence based practice to the bedside.

Nurse Practice Council (NPC)

The NPC is composed of the chairperson of each of the governance councils, along with three RN-at-large positions. This council assures that the standards of nursing practice and the standards of nursing care are consistent with the scope of nursing practice. This council also participates in the development of the Nursing Strategic Plan and collaborates with the Chief Nurse Executive and nursing leadership regarding implementation of established goals and objectives, performance improvement and nurse sensitive indicators. This council facilitates communication among nursing governance councils and unit based councils.

  • Evidence Based Practice and Research Council
  • Nursing Quality Council
  • Interdisciplinary Practice Council
  • Professional Practice Council
  • Procedure Standards Council
  • Recruitment and Retention Council
  • Unit Based Councils

Committed to Continued Education

Our nurses are committed to seeking new knowledge, as they learn the latest technologies, earn advanced degrees and gain additional certifications. These nurses proudly proclaim the credentials that follow their names represent the additional ways they are “credentialed to care.”