Medical Oncology (Hematology)

   Phone: 863.603.6565         Location: North Campus /Hollis Cancer Center

At Lakeland Regional Health, our goal is to meet your healthcare needs by providing a team approach to patient care. Our expert medical oncologists and hematologic oncologists treat all benign and malignant hematology and adult hematologic oncology.

Our board-certified hematologists/oncologists at Lakeland Regional Health Hollis Cancer Center are specially trained to:

  • Individualize treatment tailored to each patient
  • Coordinate highly specialized cancer care
  • Communicate between providers, including a weekly Tumor Board meeting with representatives from every relevant discipline to examine each patient case
  • Deliver leading-edge, evidence-based precision medicine using genomics to determine the best medicine for each patient’s cancer risk and response, including targeted hormone therapies, immunotherapies and other therapies.
  • Suggest the best clinical trial participation
  • Offer ongoing supportive care to patients and their families

In addition, our hematologists treat non-cancer blood disorders, including anemia, hemophilia and blood clots. Our team provides exceptional care in evaluating and treating blood disorders and providing intravenous iron infusions.