Our board-certified and fellowship trained urologic oncologists have years of experience caring for patients. Using innovative treatments, advanced technologies and minimally invasive surgical options, our patients can expect the expert, comprehensive care they need.

Services We Offer:
  • Kidney stones evaluation, treatment and prevention
  • Fertility planning (Vasectomy)
  • Erectile and other sexual dysfunctions (Medications & Penile Prosthesis)
  • Cancer of the Kidney (Kidney-sparing surgery, Cryotherapy)
  • Cancer of Prostate (Nerve-sparing Robotic Prostatectomy, Cryotherapy, Brachytherapy)
  • Cancer or Ureter/ Renal Pelvis (Jelmyto, Surgery)
  • Cancer of Bladder (Intravesical chemotherapy/immunotherapy, Surgery)
  • Cancer of Testicle (RPLND, Orchiectomy, Testicular Prosthesis)
  • Cancer of Genitalia (Penile sparing surgery, Topical therapy, Radical surgery)
  • Testicular disease treatment (Orchitis, Epididymitis, Torsion and Cyst)
  • Urinary tract reconstruction (Strictures and UPJ obstruction)
  • BPH treatment (Medications, UroLift, TURP, ThuLEP, Simple Prostatectomy)
  • Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign and Malignancy of urinary tract
  • Elevated PSA work up and management (UroNaV fusion prostate biopsy)
  • Adrenal mass/tumor surgical management
  • Male slings & Artificial Urinary Sphincter
  • Peyronie’s Disease (Xiaflex, Surgery)
  • Hematuria work up & management
  • Urinary Diversion (Ileal Conduit, Neobladder, Indiana Pouch)

Connect with an experienced urologic oncologist.

View the video below to learn about prostate cancer survivor Johnny P. Dixon’s experience at the Hollis Cancer Center’s Urologic Oncology Department.