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Medical Center Portal FAQ

Online access to your healthcare information

Clinical Portal FAQs

Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center Patient Portal is a secure online service that provides you with access to healthcare information contained in your global health record. It also allows you to safely and quickly share important and possibly lifesaving electronic medical information with healthcare facilities and providers.

Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center Patient Portal provides access to medical information that you or your healthcare provider will find helpful in meeting your health needs. Information includes laboratory results and summaries of your hospital and clinic visits.

You can access your LRH Medical Center Patient Portal account 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world with Internet access and a web browser.

No. Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center Patient Portal is offered free of charge to our patients.

The easiest way to sign up is to take advantage of an invitation email sent by Lakeland Regional Health ( Simply click on the link in your email and provide the information requested to complete the registration process.

Yes. If you have been a patient of Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center or one of our hospital-based services (Wound Care Center, Infusion Center, Hollis Cancer Center, or Rehabilitation Services), you should be able to self-enroll. To self-enroll, please visit, click on Hospital Patient Portal to get the process started.

Visit and click on Hospital Patient Portal. Once the sign in screenappears, click the link that says “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Username?” and follow the instructions.

IQHealth and Cerner Health are working with Lakeland Regional Health to provide a secure way for you to access your LRH Medical Center and hospital-based services electronic health record. It’s the secure and easy way to manage your health.

Once you complete the registration process, only you will have electronic access to your health information.

The minimum age for creating an account is 18 years of age. The current policy of Lakeland Regional Health does not allow a parent or guardian to create a separate account for a minor child.

Yes. The portal is available in Spanish. Click on your name (patient name) in the lower left corner. Select the down arrow next to English (United States). You can select “Español” to view the portal in Spanish.

Yes. You can download your health information by going to the Health Record section. Click on Visit Summaries and you can download your summary information.

For any questions about the patient portal, please call 866.592.0202. For any clinical questions, please contact your physician or provider.