Hollis Cancer Center Survivorship

Prevention and Support Services

Survivorship Program

Patients are survivors from the moment of diagnosis and we are committed to helping survivors flourish. The Lakeland Regional Health Hollis Cancer Center is taking comprehensive care one step further by offering a program designed to identify and meet the needs of the cancer survivor. Cancer survivors may experience some lasting side effects from treatment. The Survivorship Care program’s purpose is to concentrate efforts on the unmet needs of patients immediately following active primary treatment and to provide a smooth transition into the experience of cancer survivorship. The program will open to breast cancer survivors with the next step being to include prostate cancer patients, as these types of cancer affect our largest population of patients. To learn more, click here.

Genetic Screening

Current research suggests that only 5-10 percent of cancers are inherited; however, if you have a strong family history of breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer, it may be appropriate for you to consider genetic screening. Modern technology has enabled us to identify relationships between specific genetic mutations and some cancers. For example, the lifetime risk estimate for developing breast cancer in the general population is 12 percent, whereas the risk for those with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations is 50 to 85 percent. As we continue to learn more about genetic mutations and identify additional mutations, the role of genetic testing will continue to grow. At the Hollis Cancer Center, we believe that informed patients are better empowered to make decisions in their own best interest. For this reason, we offer a genetic screening program.