Counting Your Steps Just Got Cooler, and So Did Your Knee Replacement Recovery

Have you reached your 10,000 steps today or is your watch reminding you to get up and keep moving? Soon, more patients will get this reminder from their knees.

Yes, you read that right, their knees. With medical advancements and Zimmer’s Smart Knee Persona IQ technology, patients and their surgeons can monitor knee health and recovery after knee replacement surgery all from their smartphones!

At Lakeland Regional Health, we are dedicated to providing patients with the most advanced, up-to-date technology for their surgical treatments. We also know that recovery is crucial for patients to regain emotional and physical confidence after surgery. For orthopedic surgeons like our own, Eric Wicks, MD, bringing new technology to the recovery process is both exciting and necessary.

Eric Wicks, MD

Orthopedic Surgery,
Specializing in Sports Medicine

Dr. Wicks has extensive experience in orthopedic surgery, athletic training, and chiropractic care. Dr. Wicks specializes in the evaluation, prevention, and nonsurgical/surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. As the author of several vital research works including a 2020 publication on Return to Play after Isolated Meniscus Repairs in Athletes, a 2019 book chapter about ACL tears with medial and lateral injuries, an October 2018 piece in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, and a 2016 article in the Journal of Children’s Orthopedics, Dr. Wicks is at the forefront of many surgical innovations for patients needing orthopedic care.

Dr. Wicks is the first and only surgeon in Polk County to offer the BEAR implant ACL surgery, he has performed over 100 ROSA knee replacement surgeries (Polk County’s only robot assisted knee surgery), he is the first surgeon to perform meniscus transplants at Lakeland Regional Health, and now he works with patients using the Zimmer Smart Knee Persona IQ implant.

What is the Smart Knee Zimmer Persona IQ Implant?

The Smart Knee Zimmer Persona IQ Implant is the world’s first smart knee implant that works in conjunction with your new knee. During your knee replacement surgery, Dr. Wicks will attach a small “smart” stem extension to the bottom of your new knee. This stem contains sensors that capture information like your range of motion, stride length, walking speed, and step count. You, Dr. Wicks, and your care team can view your data through a secure online portal.

Why is the Persona IQ Implant Beneficial?

At no extra cost to you, the Persona IQ Implant allows Dr. Wicks to see exactly how your new knee is doing and can send them feedback in real time. The information collected by Persona IQ allows him to remotely view your knee data throughout your recovery, every step of the way. Persona IQ fits seamlessly into your life but doesn’t invade your privacy. It will not collect data on your location, and it uses a secure portal to share your progress with your care team as it automatically collects data. This data allows Dr. Wicks to monitor your progress in recovery and how your new knee is performing, and he can intervene with personalized measures when needed to endure a smooth recovery.

How do I Get the Persona IQ Implant?

Simply talk to your surgeon during your discussions about your total knee replacement. If you are eligible for this technology, your surgeon will work with you and your care team for a smooth surgery, recovery process, and education with Zimmer’s Smart Knee Persona IQ.

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