FitChurch Challenge

2022 FitChurch Challenge
12 Weeks | January 8 - April 1

Let’s discover a healthier you, together!

Take charge of your health with Lakeland Regional Health’s FitChurch Challenge! The FitChurch Challenge is a comprehensive wellness challenge designed to empower individuals, families, and congregations to improve their health.

Work your way through a series of education and exercise classes provided by Lakeland Regional Health and our wellness partner, YMCA, and learn about different national awareness campaigns over the course of 12 weeks. Challenge yourself to reach your health goals and strengthen your understanding of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge Kick-off Information

The 2022 FitChurch Challenge will kick off on January 8, 2022 (9 AM) at the Lakeland Family YMCA. The Challenge runs for 12 weeks.

Several virtual opportunities will be available for those who can not attend in person. Please note not all activities will have virtual options and virtual options may have different point values.

2022 FitChurch Challenge Team Registration

Team registration for the 2022 FitChurch Challenge will officially open on Monday, November 1, 2021. Please note team captains must register their team before participants will be able to add themselves to the team.

Keep in mind:

  • Teams should have a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 12 people.
  • Churches/Congregations/Organizations can register multiple teams.
  • Participants must be at least 16 years old. Stay tuned for information about the new FitChurch Kids program!

Participant Registration

It is important to note your congregation’s team must be registered before you will be able to join their team. If you do not belong to a local congregation and still want to compete, join Team Lakeland.

Congregations/organizations can register multiple teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in the Challenge is completely free of charge.

Yes! The Challenge is designed to establish a healthy lifestyle to help you be a healthier you.

Participation in the Challenge allows you free access to the FitChurch Challenge classes. General access to the Y facilities is not included. A very reduced fee YMCA membership is available to participants during the 3 months of the Challenge. 

No, attendance is not required but is strongly encouraged.

Team standings are updated in real time. Team standings are based on cumulative results and are calculated as average weight loss percentage.

Points are assigned to each activity. Individual participant’s points are added together to equal the team’s overall score. Weights are assigned to each score based on overall participation. 

Example: If team A has 5 people and Team B has 10 people and all of Team A’s members come to the yoga class and 6 of Team B’s members participate – Team A’s standing will be higher because every Team A member participated.

2022 FitChurch Challenge Team Information

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