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Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Meet the Team

The Pastoral Services department is staffed by six full-time professional chaplains who are theologically educated and clinically trained. They are ordained and endorsed for chaplaincy by their faith group. All of the full-time staff are board certified chaplains (BCC) or eligible to be through the Association of Professional Chaplains. This level of professionalism and competency ensures that LRH patients receive excellent emotional and spiritual care during their stay.  Five PRN (as needed) chaplains serve on the team providing much of the on-call coverage and covering the day shift from time to time. Each PRN chaplain has at least one unit of ACPE CPE and theological education

Brian Hurley

M.Div., BCC

Director of Pastoral Services and Ethics/Chaplain

luz zemina

Luz Zemina


Manager of Clinical Pastoral Education/Certified Educator

Wayne Maberry

D. Min., M.Div., ACPE-CE, BCC

Certified Educator – PRN

Jackie Davis

Coordinator of Pastoral Services and Pastoral Education

Michelle Alvarez

M.Div., M.Ed., BCC

Staff Chaplain

taha el-nil

Taha El-Nil


Staff Chaplain

kitti ginn

Kitti Ginn


Staff Chaplain

Holly Johnson

M.Div., M.S., BCC

Team Support Chaplain